Saturday, December 4, 2010

All Aboard!

 The Train Man is legendary around here. And the coveted train ride has certainly become one of the most exciting things about living in The Ridge! I was excited and loved it last year, but oh man, I was ecstatic about it this year! As with all other things in my life now, I get so excited to share it with Evan. Here I am obviously WAY too excited, and Evan obviously thinking, my mom is nuts, and what the heck is this place...

This good fellow is our "in" every year. Chris is in our ward and works with Nate. He is also a volunteer conductor!

The annual crew; funny, this year there were three children, instead of just one. I wonder how many there will be next year?!  (That blanket on Ashley is really a very tiny, baby, not a ghost ;)
 I love that Santa comes to visit the train man's house, cause there is no way I would pay to take pictures with him at Walmart. It is so much better to wait in line and take an awesome train ride, THEN go straight to Santa. I love this picture of Tyson intently trying to get to his new candy cane, and teeny little Taven, not bothered at all to be removed from his mama's warm cacoon and placed in a strange man's arms. :)
 Evan's first Santa pic! This first says to me, "Maybe if I don't look at him and hold real still, he won't know I'm here" Maybe Evan just couldn't move because he had approximately 4 layers on! :)
 The 2nd pic says to me, "Parents, seriously? I am not amused with your antics." He's too cool. Our friend Dexter joined us for Santa, too, and he was champ!! Thrilled as could be. Maybe he was still euphoric over his train ride. :)
 The line was short enough we decided we couldn't pass it up, and rode again! In line with daddy, wtill trying to figure out where we are.
 I like to pretend this is how Evan viewed the night; crazy lights swirling all around him! (Playing with light settings again...)
 One of my favorite things! This sign cracks me up every time. I am also very amused by the miniature brothel you view along the ride. Is that bad?
 Getting ready for our second go around! Choo-choo!!
I'm really glad we went twice, for Evan's sake. The first ride I was holding him, and he seemed a bit terrifed. He wouldn't let go of me and barely would turn his head to look at all the lights. The second time (see above), I could hear him behind me ooh and ahhing and I would turn around every now and then to look at his face and he would point at something to show me. Life is so much more exciting with him around. I'm thrilled to share the joy of the holidays with him. I'm sure it will be even better next year when he "gets it" a bit more! Hooray for oncoming holiday traditions!!


Megan said...

I love all the pictures of Mr. Evan and his hilarious faces. Such a stud!

Meesh said...

That is one cute kid you got there! Can't wait to meet him someday...sigh.

stacey said...

Long live the Ridge! No babies in 2011!!!!!