Friday, December 17, 2010

O Christmas Tree!

We have had such an awesome month of December! It has been so busy and fun filled, I forgot to pull out my camera for all of it. We've attended cookie swaps, ward parties, relief society activities, work parties, birthday parties, and the list goes on and on! I love having my calendar so full, and it has really helped pass the time until Evan's birthday and Christmas!! In my spare time, I have been (trying) to do Christmas crafts, wrap presents and keep the holiday spirit around here. Thanks to my creative cousin Jessie, I thought I could pull together a neighbor gift. Hers were a heck of a lot cuter than mine, but they got done and out the door, so that's all that matters.

 I put all the flavors of holiday candy kisses inside. Next year, I will just stick with making a homemade treat. No more crafts!

Evan has loved, loved, loved the Christmas Tree. In fact, it's all he talks about. When I go to get him from his crib, he's just saying, "T, t, t!" over and over. It was really cute the first 3,000 times, now I'm trying really hard to teach him other words. He is always crawling over to it and it's the first thing he looks for when we walk in the room. It makes me happy that he appreciates it. :)
 A bit of what we do everyday. At approximately 27-28 seconds, you can hear "T!" clearly. Or maybe I can just hear it with my mom ears ;)


stacey said...

I appreciate the price is right in the background

Carly said...

look at you all crafty! way to go. glad you've had a busy and fun month!