Thursday, September 1, 2011

Due for a celebration!

Not only has it been at least a month since I've updated the blog (PS-how FABULOUS is my husband?! Love, love, love him.), it has been 2 WHOLE YEARS since we moved to Ridgecrest! Time is flying! We actually ended up celebrating our big anniversary by leaving :) It was a fabulous mini-vacation, just what we needed to remind ourselves that living in Ridgecrest is not that bad. The more we leave, the better it is! It was a shock that Nate wanted to take time off work to go out of town, because he has been working every weekend since the middle of July (which helped give reason to why Evan and I left for about a month and went to visit the promised land of Utah/Idaho. Another reason why the blog has been neglected; posts on our time there are in the works, soon to come).

Anyway, out little fam headed South with some wonderful friends to: 

 our LA Temple. Thanks to kid swapping and the Temple apartments, Nate and I got to attend a session TOGETHER, which hasn't happened for, literally, years. It was completely wonderful.
The temple grounds were so lovely, and the kids so loved being there. I love this temple; it is definitely a place of sanctuary in the crazy world of Los Angeles.

Since we were making a trip out of it and celebrating not being in The Ridge, we spent the next day at the beach! One of our favorite family activities in the world. :)
 We have to restrain Evan at the ocean, because, multiple times, he just walks right in with no fear. He is a water baby, for sure!
 We loved spending time together, and it ended up being a beautiful day (aside from the $58 parking ticket we got that morning at a bakery. Major bitterness...) Nate said he would smile, he just didn't tell me he would try to make as many chins as possible.

These boys were so good all day, despite next to zero napping. They had the time of their lives building sand castles, finding sand crabs, and watching their daddy's boogie board to their hearts content.
 Once the dad's decided they could tear themselves away from the ocean, they came to play with the boys, and look what happened!
 Evan and Tyson seemed a bit confused about being buried, but I think they liked it ;)
 We are feeling overwhelmed with gratitude for so many things these days: the opportunity to serve in the temple, belonging to a beyond awesome ward, a secure job (and the fact that Nate loves going to work every day doesn't hurt), wonderful friends that can feel like family when far from home, and much more. When we moved to the Ridge 2 years ago, I promised Nate I would not pester him about finding a new job for at least 2 years. I told him some people served a mission, I did not, so this could be my sacrifice :)  2 years later, I know for a fact we will be here for at least 1 more year. I just hope that next year, when this anniversary rolls around, I won't be saying the same thing :) I would like to thank the city of Ridgecrest for the enjoyable cool down in weather that has significantly brightened my mood. 102 degrees is a world of difference compared to 109.


Rachel F. said...

Reading the title of this post I thought maybe you would be announcing a pregnancy :) This post makes me sad we didn't go to the Temple and beach with you guys, but then I remember how little they slept at home that night and I'm okay with it. I sure am glad you guys have survived the two years in Ridgecrest. The Ridge is privileged to have you!

Deidra said...

I can't believe it's been two years. It's amazing how good people can make a world of difference in how you see a place. I'm glad life is good. (I found a card yesterday you wrote me right after you moved. And oh, how things have changed! And I'm happy they have!)

In regards to Miss Millie, I'm doing everything I can (short of starving the child) to prevent her from growing up. She's just pretty determined. You should come visit us! (Though today we're supposed to get to about 100-- with humidity. So maybe 102 in the desert is better.)

stacey said...

The Ridge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!