Monday, September 12, 2011

Summa, Summa, Summatime! Part 2:Birthday and Reunion

I got to spend my birthday while on vacation, and the day started with Nate leaving about 6am to go fishing with his dad. They had an incredibly successful morning!
That morning, we attended a 10 year reunion for Nate's high school Executive Council (ie Student Government, in Weber High terms). This was them then: 2001. Can you spot Nate crouching in the middle there? Isn't he cute?! :) I know there are pics of them now, at the reunion, but I must have taken them on Nate's phone, because I don't have them.
 We came home from Exec reunion and I was surprised by the Fuller's with my fave pizza from Preston, cake, a birthday queen crown, and lots of decorations! I whisked off to Logan to attend a bridal shower for my dear friend Shanell, and headed back real quick to Preston to make it in time for Nate's class reunion.

Class of 2001 (those that attended the reunion, anyways)

 They played some really fun Minute To Win It games. Nate won the Oreo on your face game, but he won it so fast, I didn't even get to take a picture!
These are some of Nate's closest friends from high school. I'm glad these girls took good care of him for me :) I know he enjoyed himself getting to catch up and visit with so many good friends.He had such a good time in high school, and it's fun to hear him relive his glory days ;)
L to R: Chris, Natalie, MaryBeth (sorry about the pic MaryBeth!) Shanna, Sarah, and my Nate!
 It was such a busy, busy day, and I basically didn't see Evan from 10am to 530pm, the longest amount of time ever! But I didn't have a thing to worry about, because when we came home, I found him frolicking his little heart out in Grandpa's giant backyard, while his cousins did hard work picking peas :)
That night we headed to my parents, after eating dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant in Logan. My mom got pin the sticker tail on the donkey (which I lost, because I was the only one who didn't cheat, I think!), and I opened a couple of presents from my sisters, which were mostly made up of things consisting of Justin Beiber. It was quite the party. :) We ate red velvet cake from Costco, and it was a delightful end to my day.


Deidra said...

Wait, was executive council 1/2 of their grade? Or was that first picture of more than one grade?

I wish we both still lived in Logan. I wonder if I'll ever stop wishing that.

The Nate and Sara Project said...

Deidra, their exec council was made up of members 9th-12th grades. It just depended on what position was filled (ie, secretary, budget, I don't know what else). And there were definitely more people in his grade than showed up for the reunion. I learned on my tour of Preston High that day, his class was the largest to graduate yet. I think it was 140 or so?