Monday, September 12, 2011

Summa, Summa, Summatime! Part 5: Aquarium and Dinosaur Park

Grandma Susan came to Idaho to pick Evan and I up, and we didn't even make it through Logan before Evan had his very own ice cream cone.

She just can't resist him.
 We had to take a picture of Trayson's giant flower (I can't remember what the name of this was), but eventually the whole bush was full of these giant things!
 Trayson wanted to take me and Evan to the Aquarium in Salt Lake because we had never been there. It was no Sea World ;). but we still liked it. Evan laughed really hard at the jellyfish!
 And he has been obsessed with Octopus ever since.
 My favorite thing was the tiny seahorses! I did a school report on them once.
 Aunt Stacey and Evan were mesmerized  by the big spiky fish
 The penguins were too fast for my camera, but we could have stayed and watched them all day!
 I sent this picture of the these two Shamu love-whales? and sent it to Nate, telling him I got him a souvenir.
Aunt Stacey loves it when Evan and I wear matching clothes. This day we even got Grandma Susan in lime green, too!
 Evan's new favorite activity became sitting on Grandpa Dan's lap with Grandpa's headphones on, watching whatever Grandpa was doing on the computer. It became a daily occurrence.
 We spent many a day at the pool, and the best part was getting to snuggle with Grandma Susan during breaks from the water.
 We loved going around and around the lazy river, waving to Grandma and doing tricks when we came past her.
 Evan has always had a hearty appetite, and he has always loved pizza (takes after his mommy), but I learned in Utah that he really loves cold pizza, and he will eat a tleast one entire piece by himself!
A rare occasion, Sunday afternoon snuggling in bed. This lasted about 5 minutes, but it was enough to document that it did indeed happen!

 Trayson, Evan, and myself got to spend one morning at The Dinosaur Park while Grandma had to work. I think I took this park for granted as a kid, because I went there a lot. But having not gone for several years, I was really impressed and we had a great time! In front of the Triceratops, my favorite, Trayson is trying to scare me.
 And here Trayson is getting scared because I told him he was about to get eaten!
 Trayson said this dinosaur was the perfect Evan sized dino, that he could ride him.
 And here are the Trayson sized dinos. Perfect!


 We love this dino catching a fish in the river. So realistic!
 And the playground after the park is always a big hit.
 Trayson was really helpful with Evan at the playground, and he liked telling us info on all of the dino's. We had a lot of fun.
I'm really glad I got to relive this childhood memory with my own child! It's a beautiful, really well-done park, and we are lucky to have it so close to Grandma's.

Oh, and remember the playset in the backyard? It didn't take long at all for Evan to decide he was brave enough he didn't need anyone to be with him going on the slide. I turned and saw him like this and was terrified and shocked! I ran to get him, but thought to take a pic first to send to Nate (cause I'm a really good mom like that). Not even moments after this picture, he fell. Lesson learned right? For both mom and Evan.

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