Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The housing update...

So first of all, MAJOR thank you to Nate's sister and her husband for letting us stay with them for several days until we figured out what we were going to do with ourselves. Their home is beautiful, and we can't get enough of their girls. Sadie is 6, Hannah just turned 3 (I think), and Bella is almost 6 months old. So far, I don't have any pictures of the older girls becuase they don't hold still long enough for something like that, but Bella doesn't go anywhere. :) I'm sure we'll get plenty this summer. The girls were SO excited to have us come, they made us a really cute poster that said welcome to virginia nate and sara. And of course they didn't leave me out on mother's day; I got a really cute card that they signed telling me they need more cousins. I love being at their house and wish we could just live with them this summer, but it's quite the commute for Nate to go to work, and he REALLY hates that.

Baby Bella and her fave uncle

So onto the housing update. We found a place VERY close to Nate's job that is the home of a former washington redskins player. It is completely furnished, rent includes utilities, and they wanted someone temporary. The couple is currently living in texas, but my want to come back, so they want their options open. Here are some pics of the house:

The kitchen area

The spare bedroom-complete with HUGE closet, armoir, and nightstand. Don't you want to come visit me?

This is the front room on the main floor. Don't worry, those chairs on the right are definitely purple and I LOVE them. :)

I would call this the family room. There is a tv you can't see., and it's right off the kitchen area.

This is the totally awesome dining room but it never gets used becuase there is a ton of places to sit and eat in the kitchen.A different view of the kitchen

The view of walking into the kitchen/family room area

What you see as you walk out of the family room area-this is the upper level of the deck

This is how you get upstairs to the bedrooms

These stairs go downstairs, and yes it is bright green carpet. Apparently it reminded him of turf.

I don't know if you can tell from this picture, but that tv is definitely bigger than most people's beds. I should have stood next to it, to show you that it is ridiculously enormous.

The pool and foosball table could make for a good time. do you want to come visit me yet?

This is the lower level of the deck, coming out of the basement.

The basement bathroom, of course it had to be green, to match the turf!

There are a few other bathrooms in the house, a nice red laundry room, and office with treadmill and such, but those aren't very exciting. Now to the best part of the whole house: our room. We are staying in the master. Ahhh....

one side of the bathroom, with the giant glass shower

The other side, have you ever seen a black toilet? Cause we sure have.

The giant jacuzzi tub inbetween

Here is the living room section of our bedroom, complete with cow hide rug and mini bar.

This is our little office space we created, looking out the window over the river that runs through the backyard.

Oh and the bed, the greatest thing about this whole place...oh the bed. To say the least, it is VERY comfortable.

So here's the thing, yes the house is nice. Something kind of weird, they left a lot of stuff here, like everything. Clothes in the drawers and closets, food in the pantry, their cars, rosary's, chewing tobacco etc. It just feels kind of funny; but, like we said, it is so close to Nate's work and you just don't find commutes like that out here. So we decided it would definiely be worth it. So we moved in monday night. Surprise! SOmeone comes to see the house. Nate calls the lady who owns this place, and she's like "Yeah, I thought she could rent out the other bedroom." He told her he didn't know she was planning on doing that, plus this girl was not first choice of a roommate so Nate told the lady that. Tuesday, I spent the entire day cleaning this house so I didn't feel like I was in othere people's yuck, and unpacking and settling in, surprise! Nate gets an email from the lady saying someone would be coming over that night to look at the house and if we could move the bedroom furniture downstairs cuase thats where she would be staying. We did not sign up for a dormitory! The house is not THAT big, and that's weird! We have informed our landlady that we are not comfortable with having another person living here too, and if she wants to rent out every room then we would find another place to live. We are currently waiting to hear back from her on what she decides to do, and again, are in a search of apartment, just in case. It would be best if we stayed here, it's a good location and plus, I wouldn't have to pack everything up again! I've talked to the Curves owners out here, but until I know for sure if we are going to stay or have to move, I haven't started working yet. I'm just trying to orient myself with this place and keep from getting lost (which is not going so well so far). Nate loves his job, so I'm happy. It's nice to have something going well. :) Since is the LONGEST blog in all of blog history, I'm done now. THanks for paying attention all the way to the end!


Jenni said...

Nice.... Yes, roommates would be awkward but I would probably just stay put. It may be worth it for the nice casa. It will be over before you know it. As long as the additional roomies are safe of course. You need to fix my link on your page - it does not work.

Zack and Callie said...

Yes I do want to come visit you. That place looks sweet! Way better than a tiny basement apartment I thought you would get! How much are you paying? Good luck with the roomie situation!

Also, the Banburys came over to watch the jazz game last night and it just wasn't the same without you. We were saying that it felt like 1/3 of us were missing lol!

chartie said...

I would totally tell the owners that you're taking $200/month off your rent everytime somebody new moves in. Maybe by the end off your summer, they'd be paying you to live there! :) We look forward to seeing you guys when we make it to DC in a few weeks.

Mare and Rob said...

WOAH!!! You weren't kidding when you said it was big! It's HUGE!:)

Meesh said...

Holy crap that house is amazering! I'm happy you guys found such a sweet pad. I must admit the roommate situation would be a little weird but it sounds like she's never there so it shouldn't be too bad. I totally want to come for a visit, we miss you guys too much!

Chris said...

maybe you guys should sub-let the bathroom and the space on the floor in your bedroom you're not using...then you could make a few bucks off the deal. That place is sweet, can't blame the lady for trying to maximize her revenue, i guess. you can't fight economics.
two words: fancy shmancy.

The Nate and Sara Project said...

Christopher Gamble you are brilliant. I knew there was a reason we keep you around. :)

The Nate and Sara Project said...
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Eric & Tosha said...

So we decided not to move into the apartment we got here in Ashburn because we are renting out the spare room in your gigantic house!:) I am so glad you guys got such a sweet hook-up! We are going to have to hang out soon!