Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Where the heck is Wall Drug?

They dress up dead animals at Wall Drug

The Giant Jackalope

This bear was officially ginormous; this picture does not do it justice
Who doesn't have a giant t-rex in a cage that roars and lights up?

So we woke up in South Dakota to blue skies, and could tell it had rained overnight. We began our day of driving again. Once out of Blackhills National Forest (which is breathtaking by the way) we were back to plain old plains. We started seeing all of these weird signs, like every mile, that said crazy things like 6 foot rabbit-wall drug, free ice water-wall drug, etc. We needed a break and decided we just had to see what in the world all of these "Wall Drug" signs were about. Wall Drug is an old drug store that is the size of about a city block, and it is crazy cool! They had the most random things (see pictures below), but our best find was the free bumper sticker that reads "Where the heck is Wall Drug?". it was an excellent adventure, and we will never forget our time spent in Wall. As we left Wall, we could see we were on the tale end of a storm; gloomy clouds up ahead as far as we could see. After about an hour, we approached the storm. Don't worry, we followed that terrible rain all through south dakota, minnesota, and iowa, which is where we are now, hoping the it passes over us as we sleep and that we don't catch up to it tomorrow. Next stop, Ohio. Hope the Wall Drug pictures make your day, cause it sure made ours. :)


Mare and Rob said...

WOAH!!! Watch out for Nate! He seems to be getting pretty close those ladies!

deidra said...

Chris wouldn't let us stop at Wall Drug. I still haven't forgiven him.

chartie said...

Hey - I just wasn't going to fall for their constant roadsiade propaganda. It was a moral decision that I still feel good about. But I am glad you guys had fun there. We're excited to hang out with you over the summer.