Wednesday, May 14, 2008

OK, I get it...Utah really is a desert

Here is the Ohio River. Very big and totally cool. The town came right up to the banks and it looked really old fashioned. I love big bridges! the whistle was blown across bridges of course.
Here is West Virginia. There were a ton of hills, and each time you get to the bottom of a hill (the break in these trees) there are the coolest little towns. The houses were very old fashioned on tons of land. Then you go up another hill and come across another hidden town.
Pennsylvania, not very exciting, but stille very green. Our favorite thing in Pennsylvania was the signs all along the freeway that said beware of wild animals, and there was a picture of a deer, a bird, and a bear! It was way funny, wished we got a pic.
This was over a bridge in Maryland. Again, very quaint little towns that would just come out of nowhere from the trees. I'm sure we will be in Maryland again this summer, so I will get better pictures next time, but we would like to go back; from what we saw, it looked like a cool place.
Here is the view of our backyard of where we are staying right now. This is from our bedroom. Green green greeen!!! I do love all the trees and green out here, but I'm sure missing my mountains. As we were driving and looking into the distance of clouds (because it rained for six straight days on us), my mind kept telling me "When we get through these clouds, then you'll see the mountains. The mtns are just behind all of these clouds right now." Guess what? they're not! THere are NO mountains that I have seen yet, just hills. But I definitely get it now, Utah really is a desert. Even in my beautiful northern Utah, it is a desert. I never really understood that, except for central and southern utah, but there is definitely nothing like it out here. Better pics and more to come soon....i must apartment hunt. (also more to come on that)

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Jenni said...

pI don't like big bridges. There are a lot in Washington and Canada - scary. Cool... but scary.